• Mysore Palace
    Mysore Palace


City of Palaces...

The capital city of Wodeyar dynasty who ruled uninterrupted from 1399 until independence, except the 38 years rule of Tipu Sultan, a Muslim Invader in the 18th century. This city is renowned for its sandalwood,silk and ivory work. It is a very clean city, well maintained roads with tree-lined streets. This city is surrounded by beautiful palaces, wonderful parks with clean roads, museums, colorful markets, commercial streets and art galleries. Many heritage buildings was transformed for public sectors.

Sights at a glance:

  1. Mysore Palace,
  2. Brindavan Garden,
  3. Chamundi Hills,
  4. Darai Daulat Bagh,
  5. Gumbaz,
  6. Ranganathaswamy Temple,
  7. Srirangapatna,
  8. St. Philomena Church.

Mysore Maharaja Palace

Amba Vilas Palace...

The magnificent Mysore Palace is also known as "Amba Vilas Palace", a treasure house of exquisite carvings and beautiful paintings built by the Wodeyar dynasty. This palace was built based on Indo-Saracenic architecture with large domes, arches and pillars and it was designed by Italian architect Henry Irwin in 1897.

The earlier structure was made out of wood and it was completely destroyed by the fire. During weekends and festival, we can able to see an eye catching view of this Palace with the illumination of lights.

      The beautiful Kalyana Mandapa, the paintings and Murals, the gifts, furnitures, Wooden and Silver doors with their intricate carvings, The public and private halls are remarkable one.

Quick Glimpses:

Opening time is 10:00 am and the closing time is 05:00 pm. The Entrance ticket for an Indian is Rs.40/- and for a Foreigner is Rs.200/-, Camera is not allowed. You can photograph the exterior of the palace. There is a locker room to keep your cameras safe. There is also an audio guide facility in English, French, German and other languages.

Brindavan Garden

World Famous for its symmetric design...

This garden is situated 19 kms from Mysore also known as KRS (Krishnaraya Sagar) Dam. The dam was built in 1932 with a lake on one side and the other side is decorated with a series of beautiful gardens. Every evening, this garden is decorated with colorful lights that illuminate the fountains.  The highlight of this garden is the extraordinary spectacle of dancing musical fountains.

Quick glimpses:
Opens at 8:00 am and closes at 8:30 pm, Illumination time is between 6:30 pm and 7:25 pm, Illumination time is between 6:30 pm and 8:25 pm on Sundays and Holidays, Entry fee is Rs.10 and the camera ticket is Rs.20

Chamundi Hills

Temple with Quadrangular Structure...
A 1062 m hill that houses the 12th century Dravidian style temple dedicated to goddess Chamundeshwari - the principal deity of the Wodeyars.  On the way there is a bull temple where we can see the 5 m monolithic granite bull, Nandi the vehicle for Lord Shiva.  We can catch an excellent panoramic view of the Mysore city from the top of the summit.

Quick Glimpses:

Opening time is 06:00 am and the closing time is 02:00 pm, then opens at 3:30 pm and closes at 6:00 pm and in the evening opens at 7:15 pm and finally closes at 9:00 pm. The entry is free and no photography inside the temple. There is also a special entrance ticket for easy and quick darshan.

Daria Daulat Bagh

Garden of the Wealth...

Built by Tipu Sultan in 1784, there are colourful murals of battle scenes between Mysore soldiers and the French, British armies.  The museum with in the palace has a good collection of period furniture, European paintings, coins, murals and Tipu belongings. This palace is also called as Tipu Summer Palace.

Quick glimpses:

Opening time is 09:00 am and the closing time is 05:00 pm, Entry is Rs.5/- for an Indian and for a Foreigner is Rs.100/-


Mausoleum of Tiger of Mysore...

Impressive family mausoleum built by Tipu Sultan in remembrance of his great father. This onion domed Gumbaz has Tipu Sultan, his father Haider Ali, his mother, sons and other members of royal family cemetery here. The Gumbaz has beautiful ivory-on-wood inlay and Tipu favourite tiger stripes over the walls.

Quick Glimpses:

Opens from 08:00 am till 18:30 pm, Entry is free.

Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangapatna

Adi Ranga (First Ranga)...

This temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu built in 894 AD and later expanded by the Hoysala and the Vijayanagara Kings.  Tradition has it that Ranganatha (another name for Lord Vishnu) settled here at the request of the river Goddess Cauvery. Legend has it that Tipu Sultan who had a Hindu Wife never sat down to a meal until she heard the temple bells.

Quick glimpses:

Opens at 8:00 am till 01:00 pm and then from 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm, Entry is free, Photography not allowed.


Second most formidable forts in India...
The fort of Srirangapatna was built during the Vijayanagar era in 1454, strengthened by the Wodeyars of Mysore and then made the capital of Haider Ali in the second half of the 18th century.  On 4th May 1799, the great warrior Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali died at the north gate of the fort in a fierce fighting  with the British. The British destroyed most of the fort but its ramparts, battlements and some of the still survive. The Fort houses the Jama Masjid, Ranganathaswamy Temple, Dariya Daulat Bagh (Tipu Summer Palace), Gumbaz etc.

St. Philomena''s Church

One of the oldest churches in India...
This Church is one of the tallest churches in the country and has some impressive colourful stained glasses. This beautiful Gothic style building with twin spires is modelled on the Gothic Cathedral at Cologne.

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