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Tirunageswaram Raghu Temple Tour from Trichy,kumbakonam

Rahu is one of the nodes of the two eclipses visible from Earth - the Solar and the Lunar.  He is known as the one who is remover of diseases, the one who bestows freedom from fear of snakes and poisonous reptiles.


The Shrine of Tirunageswaram is at a distance of 5 kms from Kumbakonam.  It is a huge and magnificent temple of approximately 15 acres.  It has a vast paved courtyard open to the sky.  The high walls on all the four sides, each with a grand tower.  There is a huge hundred-pillared and chariot shaped hall.  Tirunageswaram is considered next only to kashi in holiness.  The chola kings probably added the super structure on a pre-existing temple.  


When Rahu Dosham appears in a horoscope, praying to Nagaraja and Naganatha will alleviate it.  The childless worship here to obtain the boon of begetting children.  The mentally ill visit this temple to pray to Rahu, the kin of the Nagas.


Nagaraja is the Lord of wisdom and good health.  The belief is that worshippers of Naganatha will not suffer any ill effects of snake or scorpion bites.  Rahu bestows great wealth and fame on his devotees.  A period of one and a half hours is set apart everyday as Rahu Kalam.  Auspicious events such as marriages, setting out on a journey or starting the process for buying a new house are to be avoided during that time.


Day of the week



Simhi and Chitralekha


Gomedhakam (Hessonite, Garnet Agate)


Ulundu (Black gram dal)


Mandaara Hibiscus


Grass - Garike

Vahanam (Vehicle)

Goat or Buffalo


Dark Blue




Sifting pan

        Temple Timings: 06:30 AM to 01:00 PM and 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM

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