• Pudukottai



The Princely City...

   This city is a very small one and is the capital city of the Thondaiman dynasty from 17th century till the Independence. There is an old palace which at present acts as an official building for the Tamil Nadu Government. This place is absorbing interest to historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and lovers of art. The numerous dolmens, stone circles and other forms of megalithic burials in the district indicate the antiquity of this region dating back to prehistoric and proto historical times. This tract is mentioned in the Sangam classics.

Sights at a Glance: Government Museum in the city with good collections of antique items and many historical sites namely Sittanavasal, Kudimiyanmalai, Narthamalai, Thirumayam Fort and Ilankudipatti Iyyanar.

Tirumayam Fort

Majestic Fort...


   This is a huge fort complex built in the 17th century by the dynasty of the Thondaiman. In the half way there are series of steps which goes to the small rock cut cave sanctum of shiva(linga).There exists a Shiva and Vishnu temple which are very nearby, behind the rock with main tower was separated by the wall that belongs to the 8th century.

     We can have a majestic outlook of the Fort when we are travelling from Pudukkottai to Chettinadu. This fort was also used by the British for the military purposes. This site is the protected monument under the Archeological Survey of India.

Quick Glimpses:

Timings - 09.00 am to 05.00 pm  Entrance ticket  - Rs.100/-, Video Camera - Rs.100/-


Exotic Paintings...

      Between 7th and 8th century this place was used by the Jains (Tirthankaras). There is a rock-cut cave temple where exists the beautiful vegetable paintings belongs to the 8th century by the Pallava dynasty.

      The paintings of Apsaras, lotus pond represent the reality and also compared equally with Ajanta & Ellora paintings. This monument is under the ASI and it is maintained properly.

Quick Glimpses:

Timings - 10.00 am to 06.00 pm, Entrance ticket - Rs.5/- for indians & Rs.100/- for foreigners, Video Camera Fee - Rs.100/-


Elegant Eight Hills...

           This small village is surrounded by 8 small hills. The name of the community here called Mutharaiyar, who invaded this region between 7th and 9th century. From Narthamalai, just 1km there is a structural shiva temple in the hill built by the Chola dynasty. This temple is made out of a single stone (monolithic) and is surrounded by 8 sub shrines . Six out of them are in good condition and not used for religious worship.


Architectural Beauty of Kudimiyanmalai...

     There is a cave temple in the rock which is very ancient belongs to the 8th century dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are many beautiful sculptures in the front portion of the sanctum. It is an important site in the district, famous for a few old temples of considerable beauty as well as archeological interest.

        It is one of the oldest historic townships in the tract. On and near a hillock there are four temples including a fine cave temple and a very large Siva Temple, called Sikhanathaswami-koil, containing exquisite sculptures.The musical inscription found on a face of the cave-temple is important in the musical history of India.

Quick Glimpses:

Timings - 10.00 am to 06.00 pm

Ilankudipatti Iyyanar

The Security God...

  This temple is dedicated to Lord Iyyanar, the security god of village which belongs to 8 villages nearby. The temple is situated in the open air atmosphere surrounded by wild trees.

      The passage to this temple is lined by terracotta horses on the either side. It is assured that every tourist will get an exciting experience by visiting this temple. The annual festival lies in the month of June.

Government Museum

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